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Real name: Erika Jane Christensen. Biography of Erika Christensen & facts: Contents1 Introduction2.


Erika Jane Christensen aka Erika biography

Erika Christensen birth name:Erika Jane Christensen
Erika Christensen birthday1982-08-19
NicknameD-Cup Julia Stiles
Erika Christensen home townSeattle, Washington.
Erika Christensen assetsCherubic face.
Erika Christensen vicesScientology
Erika Christensen height166 cm
Erika Christensen jobActress, Singer.
Erika Christensen hobbiesdancing, swimming, clearing, her, engrams, strengthening, her, theta.
Erika Christensen ethnicity
Erika Christensen breast size36
Erika Christensen waist size24
Erika Christensen hips size36
Erika Christensen mottoI'm more proud of my upper body. Let's just say I'm a typical female in that way.
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Sometimes you'll be watching tv and see Erika Christensen and think it is Julia Stiles. Then the camera pans down and you're like: no, that's Erika Christensen. Then you'll smile, because either way, you're getting one heck of a babe.

Life Story

Born in Seattle, Washington, but raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Erika Christensen is a Scientologist. She decided she wanted to be an actress as a child and with hard work, determination, and a little help from Lord Xenu and her other fans, she landed her first gig- a commercial for McDonalds. She followed it up with a part in Michael Jackson's music video for "Childhood," then landed a lead role in Disney's Leave It to Beaver, all by the time she was 13.


A breakout performance in Traffic put her on the map even though she was already something of a seasoned veteran by then. She has continued what is so far a very successful career with supporting roles in The Upside of Anger (Alicia Witt, Keri Russell, Evan Rachel Wood), Flight Plan (Jodie Foster, Kate Beahan) and The Banger Sisters (Goldie Hawn, Susan Sarandon) as well as lead roles in Swimfan Shiri Appleby, Wuthering Heights Katherine Heigl, Homeroom Busy Philipps, and The Perfect Score (Scarlett Johansson)She was also a cast member of the short lived series "6 Degrees" and is an accomplished singer.


Despite her lifelong following of Scientology, Erika is known by her fans to be a somewhat atypical follower of the religion. She is very outgoing and counts friends from many walks of life. She also has little problem being naked in public ("I was always the kind of girl who changed in front of others and then asked- "Did I embarrass you?") and doing other things you would not expect of a devoutly religious girl (dancing, speaking her mind, being daring and tolerant, or [to paraphrase her Banger Sisters character] "doing life true"). She is also known to use her religion as a strength to help her get into her roles, deal with the effects any trauma her characters may be experiencing on her own psychology, and build communication and self-awareness. She is one of many celebrities who shrugs off Scientology's reputation as a cult.


Erika is well-known for anti-drug activism. Both for her role in TRAFFIC and since, Erika has researched drug addiction and spoken firsthand with many addicts, recovering addicts, and rehabilitation specialists. She has spoken about the knowledge she has gained from these people in Washington DC, Los Angeles, and elsewhere- her message being that rehabilitation from drug addiction is not only possible, but can be achieved regularly if the right tools are used. She has also supported charities that aid cancer research, violence reduction, the environment, and teens.

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