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Real name: Deborah Weems. Biography of Debbie Weems & facts: Debbie Weems was born in the early.


Deborah Weems aka Debbie biography

Name: Debbie
Surname: Weems
Debbie Weems birth name: Deborah Weems
Debbie Weems birthday:
Nickname: Debbie,Phoebe,Baby Duck
Debbie Weems home town: Texas.
Debbie Weems assets: Nice voice.
Debbie Weems vices: Suicide in 1978
Debbie Weems height: 168 cm
Debbie Weems job: Actress: on Captain Kangaroo.
Debbie Weems hobbies
Debbie Weems ethnicity
Debbie Weems breast size36
Debbie Weems waist size22
Debbie Weems hips size34
Debbie Weems mottoDebbie Weems the woman on Captain Kangaroo in the 1970s
Real biography: Debbie Weems was born in the early 1950s. She attended Public Schools where we talents were recognized and from all reports she had a happy childhood. During the 1960s Debbie Weems attended the Interlochen Arts Academy (now called the Interlochen Center for the Arts) where she excelled in drama, music and theatre. She was selected as the lead role in many school productions such as “Annie Get Your Gun” and “The King and I” and “The Miracle Worker.” Debbie Weems also had smaller roles in many other productions.

Debbie Weems was in a member of on stage productions of Godspell. She played various roles in Godspell where she sang and acted. She told friends that one of her favorite songs was “Day by Day” Debbie Weems was also quite popular in other live theatre and played Mame in “Mame” and Daisy in “On a Clear Day You Can See Forever” and Winnefred in “Once Upon a Mattress” and Nellie in “South Pacific” and Sally in “Cabaret.” These performances were all in the late 1960s to early 1970s.

From 1973-1977 Debbie Weems was a regular on the Captain Kangaroo Show, the first female regular. Her parts included: Debbie the newspaper reporter, the voice of Baby Duck, and Pheobe. Debbie Weems also sang frequently on the show. She also was part of the historic 6000 episode that was broadcast in 1976.

In 1976 Debbie Weems put out an album called “Debbie Weems Sings Songs From Captain Kangaroo.”

She suffered mental and emotional health issues. On Wednesday February. 22, 1978 Debbie Weems left a treatment facility with an attendant to go to her home in New York to get some things of a personal nature. That day it is reported that she fell from the 16th floor of that high building. Her death has been considered a suicide.

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