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Real name: Danielle Elizabeth Gamba. Biography of Danielle Gamba & facts: Danielle Elizabeth Gamba.


Danielle Elizabeth Gamba aka Danielle biography

Danielle Gamba birth name:Danielle Elizabeth Gamba
Danielle Gamba birthday1982-11-22
Danielle Gamba home townSan Francisco, CA.
Danielle Gamba assets
Danielle Gamba vices
Danielle Gamba height163 cm
Danielle Gamba jobModel, Dancer.
Danielle Gamba hobbies
Danielle Gamba ethnicity
Danielle Gamba breast size34
Danielle Gamba waist size25
Danielle Gamba hips size34
Danielle Gamba motto
Real biography:

Danielle Elizabeth Gamba is an American model and dancer of Italian and Spanish descent. A Playboy model, she has appeared in various issues and calendars as well as in Mystique Magazine.

FHM magazine named Danielle Gamba their only "International Honey" after breaking the magazine's record for winning the "Hometown Honey" duel 3 months in a row[citation needed]. Subsequently, they named her their Official Lingerie representative for the United States, appearing in 7 of their publications before they discontinued their print-edition FHM US due to low subscription numbers. In addition to her modeling, she was a "Raiderette" for the Oakland Raiders, but was later dismissed after they learned of her nude pictorials.

Danielle appeared in Playboy, FHM US & UK, Maxim and publications worldwide, as well as performing as dancer in The Nutcracker for the Oakland Ballet. She also holds a bachelor's degree in Apparel Design from SFSU. Her other credits include music videos and television appearances.

Danielle Gamba will make her film debut next year in the epic comedy, City of Shoulders and Noses. She will portray a Yale University nursing student who falls in love with a charismatic sculptor in 1965. The film is being produced by Sybil Danning, George Parra, and Tommy Ardolino.

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