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Real name: Li-Wah Thom. Biography of Cristy Thom & facts: Cristy Thom (born September 8, 1971 in.


Li-Wah Thom aka Cristy biography

Cristy Thom birth name:Li-Wah Thom
Cristy Thom birthday1971-09-08
Cristy Thom home townLos Angeles CA.
Cristy Thom assets
Cristy Thom vices
Cristy Thom height168 cm
Cristy Thom jobModel, Actress.
Cristy Thom hobbies
Cristy Thom ethnicityAsian
Cristy Thom breast size36
Cristy Thom waist size23
Cristy Thom hips size36
Cristy Thom motto
Real biography: Cristy Thom (born September 8, 1971 in Los Angeles, California also known as Li-Wah Thom) is an American model, actress, and artist. She was chosen as Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for February 1991 and has appeared in numerous Playboy videos. Thom was also chosen as the Playmate of the Year in 1992 for the Dutch edition of Playboy.

Thom has retired from modeling and acting and now works both as an artist and a photographer. Thom is also the proud owner of champion show dogs.

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