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Real name: Cris Smothers. Biography of Cris Smothers & facts: Cris Smothers Biography.


Cris Smothers aka Cris biography

Cris Smothers birth name:Cris Smothers
Cris Smothers birthday
Cris Smothers home townCalifornia.
Cris Smothers assetshumanitarian.
Cris Smothers vices
Cris Smothers height cm
Cris Smothers jobActress/ Screenplay Writer.
Cris Smothers hobbies
Cris Smothers ethnicityWhite
Cris Smothers breast size34
Cris Smothers waist size23
Cris Smothers hips size34
Cris Smothers mottoI Hope to one day raise enough money to build hundreds of bathrooms, drinking fountains and provide housing for the 94,000 and growing homeless in Los Angeles County, half of which are women and children.
Real biography:

Cris Smothers Biography IntroductionCalifornia native who spent her early years growing up near Big Bear and around the beaches of Southern California; A self-taught student of conversational Mandarin, before moving to Taiwan; Has traveled extensively throughout Asia and volunteered her time to orphanages throughout China; After returning to Southern California, became involved with feeding the homeless in Downtown L.A and volunteered for the Los Angeles Homeless coalition, raising money for new homeless shelter for women and children; She took extensive acting classes, studying multiple techniques taught by a variety of LA instructors; Attended class regularly for 7 years before auditioning for her first role and has since landed featured, supporting, and lead roles in a variety of projects, including Bob Steel with Patrick Warburton and on Mad TV; Earned her first starring role as the deeply troubled Monica in the feature AmerAsian, a role that challenged her to repeatedly sustain heightened levels of emotion, dramatically exercising and broadening her artistic range; Wrote, produced, directed, and edited her first commercial for a Los Angeles radio station(2007); Has worked as producer, costumer, set decorator, and hair & make up artist on various films; Shot a supporting role in (2007); She is currently in post production in a lead role for the feature, "Limbo" (2008). She plays a drug addict and extremely abusive mother of 5 who has her children taken away by child protective services, played by Jesse Borrego. After getting her children back, she kills one of her daughters; Enjoys writing in her spare time, having completed three feature length screenplays- one a horror about attending college in Utah amidst the life of Polygamists.

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