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Real name: Anne Ojales Curtis-Smith. Biography of Anne Curtis & facts: Anne Curtis is a Filipino.


Anne Ojales Curtis-Smith aka Anne biography

Anne Curtis birth name:Anne Ojales Curtis-Smith
Anne Curtis birthday1985-02-17
Anne Curtis home townPhilippines.
Anne Curtis assetsBody.
Anne Curtis vices
Anne Curtis height168 cm
Anne Curtis jobModel, Actress.
Anne Curtis hobbies
Anne Curtis ethnicity
Anne Curtis breast size36
Anne Curtis waist size25
Anne Curtis hips size36
Anne Curtis mottoThe most gorgeous filipina actress
Real biography:

Anne Curtis is a Filipino-Australian Actress and Commercial model. She is best known for her roles as Imang/Fatima in Kampanerang kuba and Celine Magsaysay in Maging Sino Ka man. These shows were aired in ABS-CBN. Her Latest Film is When Love Begins with Aga Muhlach under Star Cinema. And now filming the Latest series entitled "Dyosa" in ABS-CBN.

Anne became the very first winner of MYX Award 2005 for "Favorite Guest appearance in Music Video" for I need you By Mark Bautista. She is also the UNO Mag Sexiest Woman '07.

Anne was raised by her filipina mother and Australian father. She was living in Australia until her lawyer father James Smith decided to immigrate in Philippines which was a great move anne said. Her father was strict in education. He kept on discouraging anne to do commercials saying that they are just tricking her to get out of school. But then she continue to do commercials until she convinced to do acting.

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