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Real name: Anna Torv. Biography of Anna Torv & facts: Born in 1978 in Austrailia, Anna Torv grew up.


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Anna Torv birth name:Anna Torv
Anna Torv birthday1978-06-11
Anna Torv home townMelbourne.
Anna Torv assetsDegree in Performing Arts.
Anna Torv vicesrefers to self as ''squib''
Anna Torv height176 cm
Anna Torv jobActress.
Anna Torv hobbies
Anna Torv ethnicityWhite
Anna Torv breast size32
Anna Torv waist size22
Anna Torv hips size32
Anna Torv mottoAll the world's a stage... out."
Real biography: Born in 1978 in Austrailia, Anna Torv grew up on the Gold Coast. She attended the National Institute of Dramatic Art, in Kensington, New South Wales and graduated with degree in Performing Arts in 2001.

She played the character of Nariko in the video game "Heavenly Sword."

Currently she is starring on the J. J. Abrams produced television show "Fringe" as FBI agent Olivia Dunham. She was awarded the role by casting agent Tom McSweeney and producer J. J. Abrams, beating out 300 other actresses. J. J. Abrams has said that he was sure she was right for the role even before seeing her audition after having watched an audition tape for a different (Austrailian) show.

New York Magazine described her as having Blanchettesque good looks and that she would soon be appearing.

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