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Real name: Amber Laura Heard. Biography of Amber Heard & facts: This blonde haired beauty’s career.


Amber Laura Heard aka Amber biography

Amber Heard birth name:Amber Laura Heard
Amber Heard birthday1986-04-22
NicknameNever Heard
Amber Heard home townAustin, Texas.
Amber Heard assetsHot, Breasts.
Amber Heard vices
Amber Heard height171 cm
Amber Heard jobActress.
Amber Heard hobbiesSwimming.
Amber Heard ethnicityWhite
Amber Heard breast size34
Amber Heard waist size23
Amber Heard hips size34
Amber Heard motto
Real biography: This blonde haired beauty’s career is just now starting to take off, as she landed a role in the feature film “Friday Night Lights,” not to be confused with the television show that everyone loves but no one watches One thing everyone can agree on is her incredible hotness.

Life Story

Born in Austin, Texas, Amber dropped out of high school in a move that most likely shocked no one, and put all her chips on her hotness, moving out to Los Angeles to become an actress. She made her television debut in the 2004 pilot “Jack and Bobby,” but unlike the show, did not fall into obscurity. Instead she was cast in the film Friday Night Lights, then parlayed that into several guest appearances on t.v. shows where she played characters that ranged from “the bitchy hot chick” to “the nice hot chick.” Her career has taken another giant step forward, as she’s the star of the upcoming horror film “All the boys love Mandy Lane,” about a party where teenagers begin dropping dead. Presumably Amber will be playing either the role of “the hot chick who gets killed,” or “the hot chick who you think is going to get killed, but is actually the one killing people.” The flim is set to debut in early 2008.


* Stepfather (Remake) (2009) Played: Kelly * All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2008) Played: Mandy Lane * Never Back Down (2008) Played: Baja Miller * Pineapple Express (2008) * The Remember the Daze (2008) Played: Julia Ford * Alpha Dog (2007) Played: Alma * North Country (2005) Played: Young Josey * Friday Night Lights (2004) Played: Maria * Side FX (2004) * Ex-terminators Played: Nikki * The Informers Played: Christie

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