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Real name: Mary Bradley. Biography of Amanda Swisten & facts: thumb Introduction Swisten was ranked.


Mary Bradley aka Amanda biography

Amanda Swisten birth name:Mary Bradley
Amanda Swisten birthday1978-12-20
NicknameFraulein Brandi
Amanda Swisten home townNew York, NY.
Amanda Swisten assetsLegs, Looks like she could sell cocoa in a Swiss meadow.
Amanda Swisten vicesDude where''s my career?
Amanda Swisten height176 cm
Amanda Swisten jobModel, Actress.
Amanda Swisten hobbiesAnimal, lover, charity, abnormal, psychology.
Amanda Swisten ethnicity
Amanda Swisten breast size30
Amanda Swisten waist size23
Amanda Swisten hips size33
Amanda Swisten mottoI do not have an armpit fetish.
Real biography: thumb Introduction

Swisten was ranked #99 on the Maxim Hot 100 Women of 2004, which is basically like saying that she is almost the ugliest of 100 hot women. But it's also like saying that she's hotter than 2,999,999, 900 other women on the planet.

Life Story

Swisten was born in New York City, New York. Her first credited appearance was in the film American Wedding in 2003. After which she appeared in films such as The Last Run (2004), The Girl Next Door (2004), and Freezerburn (2005). She has had guest appearances on TV series such as I'm with Her, Two and a Half Men, Quintuplets, and Joey. Her free time is spent dealing with “significant” charities and traveling. She lives in Los Angeles.

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