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Define Trade-In Allowance facts. Notion of the sale price of a property in return for the property.


Trade-In Allowance Definition

What TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE means: The amount by which the seller reduces the sale price of a property in return for the property of the buyer. This does not affect the buyer's basis in the property purchased.

Definition Taxable U.S. Domestic Corporation:
Dictionary An organization incorporated in and doing business with the intent to make a profit in the United States. Examples are H&R Block, General Motors, and IBM trade-in allowance.
Definition Trust:
Dictionary created by a trust agreement. This entity distributes all or part of its income to beneficiaries as instructed by the trust agreement. This entity is required to pay taxes on undistributed income trade-in allowance.
Definition Temporary Assignment:
Dictionary A work assignment is considered to be temporary if, at the time the assignment begins, it can be expected to last one year or less trade-in allowance.
Definition Tax Benefit Rule:
Dictionary provides that the amount of an expense recovered must be included in income in the year of the recovery to the extent the original expense resulted in a tax benefit. The most common example is a trade-in allowance.

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