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Define Tax Rate Schedules facts. Notion of taxpayers to compute their tax. Separate rate schedules.


Tax Rate Schedules Definition

What TAX RATE SCHEDULES means: Tax rate schedules are used by certain taxpayers to compute their tax. Separate rate schedules are provided for married individuals filing jointly or qualifying widow(er)s, unmarried heads of household, single taxpayers, and married individuals filing separate returns.

Definition Tax Preference Items:
Dictionary Tax items that may result in the imposition of the alternative minimum tax tax rate schedules.
Definition Trade-In Allowance:
Dictionary The amount by which the seller reduces the sale price of a property in return for the property of the buyer. This does not affect the buyer's basis in the property purchased tax rate schedules.
Definition Trade Date:
Dictionary With respect to traded securities, the date on which a security is actually bought or sold tax rate schedules.
Definition Tip Income:
Dictionary Gratuities received by the taxpayer for services rendered. Tips of $20 or more from any one job during a calendar month must be reported to the taxpayer's employer tax rate schedules.

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