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Define Tax Bracket facts. Notion of The rate at which income at a particular level is taxed in use.


Tax Bracket Definition

What TAX BRACKET means: The rate at which income at a particular level is taxed.

Definition Tip Income:
Dictionary Gratuities received by the taxpayer for services rendered. Tips of $20 or more from any one job during a calendar month must be reported to the taxpayer's employer tax bracket.
Definition Tenancy By The Entireties:
Dictionary entirties is a form of joint ownership that can be used only by a husband and wife. When one spouse dies, the other automatically becomes the owner of the entire property. Also see "Joint tax bracket.
Definition Tax Benefit Rule:
Dictionary provides that the amount of an expense recovered must be included in income in the year of the recovery to the extent the original expense resulted in a tax benefit. The most common example is a tax bracket.
Definition Trust:
Dictionary created by a trust agreement. This entity distributes all or part of its income to beneficiaries as instructed by the trust agreement. This entity is required to pay taxes on undistributed income tax bracket.

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