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Define Tax Benefit Rule facts. Notion of an expense recovered must be included in income in the.


Tax Benefit Rule Definition

What TAX BENEFIT RULE means: A rule that provides that the amount of an expense recovered must be included in income in the year of the recovery to the extent the original expense resulted in a tax benefit. The most common example is a state income tax refund of tax deducted in the prior year.

Definition Temporary Assignment:
Dictionary A work assignment is considered to be temporary if, at the time the assignment begins, it can be expected to last one year or less tax benefit rule.
Definition Transfer Tax:
Dictionary A tax imposed when real estate is sold or transferred from one person to another tax benefit rule.
Definition Tax Court:
Dictionary The U.S. Tax Court is one of three trial courts of original jurisdiction that decide litigation involving federal income, death, and gift taxes tax benefit rule.
Definition Tip Income:
Dictionary Gratuities received by the taxpayer for services rendered. Tips of $20 or more from any one job during a calendar month must be reported to the taxpayer's employer tax benefit rule.

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