What is damages severance meaning definition
Define Severance Damages facts. Notion of property is condemned and the value of the retained part.


Severance Damages Definition

What SEVERANCE DAMAGES means: Payment received because part of a property is condemned and the value of the retained part is thereby decreased.

Definition Simplified Method:
Dictionary The most common method of computing the taxable portion of a pension received from a qualified employer plan severance damages.
Definition Straight-Line Depreciation:
Dictionary A method of computing depreciation under which the depreciation deduction is the same for each full year severance damages.
Definition SEP:
Dictionary See Simplified Employee Pension severance damages.
Definition Section 1245:
Dictionary personal property is sold, gain must be recaptured as ordinary income up to the amount of depreciation claimed. Section 1245 is the Internal Revenue Code section that requires this treatment. Also severance damages.

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