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Define Self-Employment Tax facts. Notion of security/medicare tax paid by self-employed individuals.


Self-Employment Tax Definition

What SELF-EMPLOYMENT TAX means: Self-employment tax is social security/medicare tax paid by self-employed individuals. See our Social Securty Wages and Earnings Base rate table for the current income base.

Definition Statements:
Dictionary Explanations of various types of income, deductions, and/or credits reported on a schedule or directly on Form 1040. Statements may or may not be official IRS forms self-employment tax.
Definition Severance Damages:
Dictionary Payment received because part of a property is condemned and the value of the retained part is thereby decreased self-employment tax.
Definition Short Sale:
Dictionary seller borrows the stock certificates or other property delivered to the buyer. At a later date, the seller either purchases similar stock or property necessary to "cover" the sale, and self-employment tax.
Definition Section 1231 Gain Or Loss:
Dictionary A net section 1231 gain is treated as long-term capital gain and a net section 1231 loss is treated as an ordinary (fully deductible) loss self-employment tax.

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