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Define Self-Employment Income facts. Notion of by a self-employed employed individual. In most.


Self-Employment Income Definition

What SELF-EMPLOYMENT INCOME means: Self-employment income is income earned by a self-employed employed individual. In most cases, the income is subject to self-employment (social security and medicare) tax.

Definition Schedules:
Dictionary Official IRS forms used to report various types of income, deductions, and/or credits self-employment income.
Definition S Corporations:
Dictionary business corporation that generally pays no tax. Instead, shareholders of an S corporation report their share of the corporation's income, gain, losses, and credits on their individual returns self-employment income.
Definition Self-Employment Tax:
Dictionary Self-employment tax is social security/medicare tax paid by self-employed individuals. See our Social Securty Wages and Earnings Base rate table for the current income base self-employment income.
Definition Section 179 Expense Deduction:
Dictionary treat the cost of certain qualified property as a currently deductible expense rather than as a capital expenditure. This is also referred to as expensing. See Form 4562 for the current dollar limits self-employment income.

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