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Define Safe Harbor facts. Notion of simpler method of determining a tax consequence than is.


Safe Harbor Definition

What SAFE HARBOR means: Tax regulations that allow a (usually) simpler method of determining a tax consequence than is available following the precise language of the Code or regulations. An example is the simplified method for determining the taxable portion of pension distributions.

Definition Section 125 Plan:
Dictionary See Cafeteria Plan safe harbor.
Definition State And Local Income Tax Withheld:
Dictionary The amounts withheld from income and submitted to the state or local tax division as an advance payment of the taxpayer's state or local income tax safe harbor.
Definition Simplified Method:
Dictionary The most common method of computing the taxable portion of a pension received from a qualified employer plan safe harbor.
Definition Student Loan Interest Deduction:
Dictionary income for interest paid during the year on qualified higher-education loans. The deduction may be limited if income exceeds a specified amount. See http://www.hrblock.com/taxes/tax_calculators/rate safe harbor.

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