What is income earned nontaxable definition
Define Nontaxable Earned Income facts. Notion of that is excludable from gross income. Examples.


Nontaxable Earned Income Definition

What NONTAXABLE EARNED INCOME means: Income a taxpayer receives for services that is excludable from gross income. Examples include military housing allowances, ministers' housing allowances, and excludable combat pay.

Definition Nonresident Alien:
Dictionary A person who is not a U.S. citizen and does not live in the United States, or lives in the United States and does not have a green card or does not meet the substantial presence test nontaxable earned income.
Definition Nonrefundable Credit:
Dictionary A credit that cannot exceed the taxpayer's tax liability nontaxable earned income.
Definition Net Operating Loss (NOL):
Dictionary loss for the year attributable to business or casualty losses. Depending on the nature of the loss, it may be carried back for two, three, or five years before the year of the loss. The loss is nontaxable earned income.
Definition Necessary:
Dictionary An expense that is appropriate and helpful in furthering the taxpayer's business or income-producing activity. See also Ordinary defined elsewhere in this glossary nontaxable earned income.

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