What is credit nonrefundable meaning definition
Define Nonrefundable Credit facts. Notion of A credit that cannot exceed the taxpayer's tax.


Nonrefundable Credit Definition

What NONREFUNDABLE CREDIT means: A credit that cannot exceed the taxpayer's tax liability.

Definition Nontaxable Exchange:
Dictionary An exchange on which no gain or loss is recognized in the current year. The realized gain generally is recognized when the property acquired in the exchange is sold nonrefundable credit.
Definition Nonbusiness Bad Debts:
Dictionary incurred in connection with a creditor's trade or business. A nonbusiness bad debt is deductible as a short-term capital loss and is allowed only in the year the debt becomes entirely worthless nonrefundable credit.
Definition Nontaxable Earned Income:
Dictionary Income a taxpayer receives for services that is excludable from gross income. Examples include military housing allowances, ministers' housing allowances, and excludable combat pay nonrefundable credit.
Definition Nontaxable Income:
Dictionary Income that is by law exempt from tax nonrefundable credit.

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