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Define Fiscal Year facts. Notion of day of any month except December, or a 52-53 week tax year.


Fiscal Year Definition

What FISCAL YEAR means: An accounting year ending on the last day of any month except December, or a 52-53 week tax year, which is a year that ends on the same day of the week (for example, the last Thursday of the month or on the Thursday that is closest to the end of the month).

Definition Foreign Corporation:
Dictionary A corporation not organized under the laws of one of the states or territories of the United States fiscal year definition.
Definition Flexible Spending Account:
Dictionary A method of paying for benefits under a cafteria plan through salary reductions. Also see "Cafteria Plan." fiscal year explain.
Definition Fair Rental Value:
Dictionary owner of property could reasonably expect to receive from a stranger for the same type of lodging; generally, the amount at which a home with its furnishings could be rented to a similar size family fiscal year what is.
Definition Foster Child:
Dictionary child placed with the taxpayer by an authorized placement agency or by judgement, decree, or order of any of competent jurisdiction. Such a child is referred to as an "eligible foster child fiscal year meaning.

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