What is dividend meaning definition
Define Dividend facts. Notion of profits of a corporation. An insurance dividend is not a true.


Dividend Definition

What DIVIDEND means: A stockholder's share of the profits of a corporation. An insurance dividend is not a true dividend but a return of premium. Dividends from a savings and loan association or credit union are interest, not dividends.

Definition Divorce Decree (Interlocutory):
Dictionary A divorce decree that is not yet final dividend.
Definition Depletion:
Dictionary which the cost or other basis of a natural resource (for example, an oil and gas interest) is recovered upon extraction and sale of the resource. The two ways to determine the depletion allowance are dividend.
Definition Deferred Gain:
Dictionary The part of realized gain on an exchange of property that is not currently taxed. The gain generally is taxed at the time the property acquired in the exchqnge is sold dividend.
Definition Dependent:
Dictionary An individual who qualifies to be claimed as a dependent exemption on another person's income tax return dividend.

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