What is dividend meaning definition
Define Dividend facts. Notion of profits of a corporation. An insurance dividend is not a true.


Dividend Definition

What DIVIDEND means: A stockholder's share of the profits of a corporation. An insurance dividend is not a true dividend but a return of premium. Dividends from a savings and loan association or credit union are interest, not dividends.

Definition Dependent Care Credit:
Dictionary See "Child and Dependent Care Credit." dividend.
Definition Dependent:
Dictionary An individual who qualifies to be claimed as a dependent exemption on another person's income tax return dividend.
Definition Disaster Area Loss:
Dictionary sustained in an area designated as a disaster area by the President of the United States, the casualty is designated a disaster area loss. A disaster area loss may be treated as having occurred in dividend.
Definition Disability Pension:
Dictionary is a taxable pension from an employer-funded disability plan received by a taxpayer who retired on disability and has not reached normal retirement age. Disability pensions generally are treated as dividend.

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