What is year closed meaning definition
Define Closed Year facts. Notion of limitations has expired. The taxpayer can't claim a refund.


Closed Year Definition

What CLOSED YEAR means: A tax year for which the statute of limitations has expired. The taxpayer can't claim a refund and the IRS can't collect additional taxes (with certain exceptions).

Definition Capital Gain Distributions:
Dictionary mutual funds, regulated investment companies, and real estate investment trusts that represent the shareholder's portion of gain from the sale of capital assets owned by these investment closed year.
Definition Cost:
Dictionary Cash and/or the value of property given to acquire the property received closed year.
Definition Common-Law State:
Dictionary A state in which the laws governing property rights are based on British common law. The property and income of each spouse belongs to him or her separately closed year.
Definition Commission:
Dictionary The broker's fee for purchasing or selling securities or property for a client. An allowance paid to a salesperson or agent for services rendered closed year.

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