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Define Child Tax Credit facts. Notion of child under age 17 at the end of the tax year. The credit.


Child Tax Credit Definition

What CHILD TAX CREDIT means: A credit of up to $1,000 per eligible child under age 17 at the end of the tax year. The credit may be refundable for taxpayers with three or more children eligible for the credit and for those whose earned income exceeds a specified amount that is adjusted for inflation each year.

Definition Cost Or Market, Whichever Is Lower:
Dictionary in reference to inventory valuations. Most taxpayers prefer to use "cost or market, whichever is lower" as a basis for valuing their inventories because this method affords an opportunity child tax credit definition.
Definition Corporation:
Dictionary purposes, an entity that is incorporated under the laws of a state, a foreign entity that is treated as a corporation under IRS regulations, or an unincorporated entity that elects to be taxed as a child tax credit explain.
Definition Call:
Dictionary An option to purchase a security at a fixed price within a specified period of time child tax credit what is.
Definition Casualty Loss:
Dictionary complete or partial destruction of property resulting from an identifiable event of a sudden, unexpected, or unusual nature. Examples are floods, storms, fires, earthquakes, and auto accidents child tax credit meaning.

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