What is property business meaning definition
Define Business-Use Property facts. Notion of Examples include tools, equipment, machinery.


Business-Use Property Definition

What BUSINESS-USE PROPERTY means: Property used in a trade or business. Examples include tools, equipment, machinery, factories, and office buildings.

Definition Bequest:
Dictionary A gift by will of personal property business-use property.
Definition Bad Debts:
Dictionary receivable that have been included in income in a prior year that are uncollectible, legally binding debts owed to the taxpayer that are totally worthless and uncollectible, and debts the taxpayer business-use property.
Definition Boot:
Dictionary a type not included in the definition of qualifying property for purposes of structuring a nontaxable exchange. The receipt of boot will cause an otherwise tax-free transfer to become taxable to the business-use property.
Definition Basis Of Stock:
Dictionary amount paid for the stock. If the stock is received as a gift, basis is generally the basis of the previous owner or the fair market value when received. The basis of inherited stock is usually its business-use property.

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