What is realized amount meaning definition
Define Amount Realized facts. Notion of the sale or exchange of property. The amount received is.


Amount Realized Definition

What AMOUNT REALIZED means: The amount received by a taxpayer on the sale or exchange of property. The amount received is the sum of the cash and the fair market value of any property or services plus any of the seller's liabilities assumed by the purchaser. Determining the amount realized is the starting point for arriving at realized gain or loss.

Definition Accountable Plan:
Dictionary reimbursing employees for expenses such as meals, entertainment, travel, and transportation incurred for business purposes on behalf of the employer. A plan is an accountable plan if the employer amount realized.
Definition Advance Payments:
Dictionary Advance payments are prepayments for services or goods. They generally are includible in gross income upon receipt for both accrual- and cash-basis taxpayers amount realized.
Definition Adoption Credit:
Dictionary credit for qualified adoption expenses incurred for each eligible child. The limit on the credit is indexed to inflation. For current figures, see our Adoption Assistance rate table. The limit is a amount realized.
Definition Annuity Starting Date:
Dictionary The first day of the first period for which an amount is due as an annuity payment under an annuity contract amount realized.

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