What is advance earned income credit definition
Define Advance Earned Income Credit facts. Notion of employee's claim to entitlement to the.


Advance Earned Income Credit Definition

What ADVANCE EARNED INCOME CREDIT means: Payment by an employer based on an employee's claim to entitlement to the earned income credit. Advance earned income credit payments are treated as additional taxes on the tax return.

Definition Adoption Credit:
Dictionary credit for qualified adoption expenses incurred for each eligible child. The limit on the credit is indexed to inflation. For current figures, see our Adoption Assistance rate table. The limit is a advance earned income credit.
Definition Away From Home Overnight:
Dictionary For purposes of deducting travel expenses, a trip away from one's tax home for a period longer than an ordinary work day, during which time one is released from duty to obtain rest advance earned income credit.
Definition Additional Child Tax Credit:
Dictionary available to taxpayers with three or more children qualifying for the child tax credit or whose earned income exceeds a specified amount and whose regular child tax credit exceeds tax liability advance earned income credit.
Definition Accountable Plan:
Dictionary reimbursing employees for expenses such as meals, entertainment, travel, and transportation incurred for business purposes on behalf of the employer. A plan is an accountable plan if the employer advance earned income credit.

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