What is participant active meaning definition
Define Active Participant facts. Notion of employer-maintained qualified retirement plan, or a.


Active Participant Definition

What ACTIVE PARTICIPANT means: A taxpayer who is covered by an employer-maintained qualified retirement plan, or a qualified self-employed retirement plan, if even for only one day during the year.

Definition Adoption Credit:
Dictionary credit for qualified adoption expenses incurred for each eligible child. The limit on the credit is indexed to inflation. For current figures, see our Adoption Assistance rate table. The limit is a active participant definition.
Definition Asset:
Dictionary An item of useful or valuable property active participant explain.
Definition Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT):
Dictionary computing tax under which some of the income and deductions reported on the forms and schedules filed with your tax return are figured differently or disallowed. For example, interest on certain tax active participant what is.
Definition Audit:
Dictionary and verification of a taxpayer's return or other transactions with tax consequences. An office audit is an audit by the IRS that is conducted in the agent's office. A field audit is active participant meaning.

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