What is interest accrued meaning definition
Define Accrued Interest facts. Notion of yet paid or credited; for example, for a bond on which.


Accrued Interest Definition

What ACCRUED INTEREST means: Interest that has been earned but not yet paid or credited; for example, for a bond on which interest is paid seminanually, interest earned during the six-month period in between payment dates.

Definition Annuitant:
Dictionary A person who receives a pension or an annuity accrued interest.
Definition Adjusted Basis:
Dictionary original basis of property reduced by adjustments such as depreciation allowed or allowable and casualty losses, and increased by the cost of capital improvements, expenses of purchase, and other accrued interest.
Definition Accounting Period:
Dictionary The period (normally 12 months) that a taxpayer uses to determine federal income tax liability. Unless a taxpayer makes a specific choice to the contrary, his accounting period is the calendar year accrued interest.
Definition Additional Child Tax Credit:
Dictionary available to taxpayers with three or more children qualifying for the child tax credit or whose earned income exceeds a specified amount and whose regular child tax credit exceeds tax liability accrued interest.

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