What is whiplash define definition
Definition of Whiplash symptoms: those caused by hyper extension/flexion injury to the cervical.


Whiplash definition

What WHIPLASH means: Whiplash - is the common name for neck sprains, such as those caused by hyper extension/flexion injury to the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spines. The injury is referred to as "whiplash" due to the neck or back being thrown forwards and/or backwards at a rapid speed. This may cause the fibers of the neck muscles to tear, resulting in pain and often a decreased range of movement.

Definition Williams Syndrome:
Dictionary Williams-Beuren syndrome) is a rare genetic disorder characterized by a distinctive, "elfin" facial appearance, along with a low nasal bridge; an unusually cheerful demeanor and ease with whiplash.
Definition West Syndrome:
Dictionary otherwise known as infantile spasms, is an uncommon to rare and serious form of epilepsy in infants. The syndrome is age-related, generally occurring between the third and the twelfth month whiplash.
Definition Werdnig-Hoffman Disease:
Dictionary Disease - (also known as "Infantile spinal muscular atrophy", "spinal muscular atrophy type 1", or "spinal muscular atrophy type I") is an autosomal recessive muscular whiplash.
Definition Wilson'S Disease:
Dictionary Disease - (WD) is a rare inherited disorder in which excessive amounts of copper accumulate in the body. The buildup of copper leads to damage in the kidneys, brain, and eyes. Although copper whiplash.
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