What is deases neuron motor define definition
Definition of Motor Neuron Diseases symptoms: neurological disorders that destroy motor neurons.


Motor Neuron Diseases definition

What MOTOR NEURON DISEASES means: Motor Neuron Diseases - (MNDs) are a group of progressive neurological disorders that destroy motor neurons, the cells that control essential voluntary muscle activity such as speaking, walking, breathing, and swallowing. Normally, messages from nerve cells in the brain (called upper motor neurons) are transmitted to nerve cells in the brainstem and spinal cord (called lower motor neurons ) and from them to particular muscles. Upper motor neurons direct the lower motor neurons to produce movements such as walking or chewing. Lower motor neurons control movement in the arms, legs, chest, face, throat, and tongue.

Definition Microcephaly:
Dictionary medical condition in which the circumference of the head is smaller than normal because the brain has not developed properly or has stopped growing. Microcephaly can be present at birth or it may motor neuron diseases.
Definition Mucopolysaccharidoses:
Dictionary Mucopolysaccharidoses - The mucopolysaccharidoses are a group of inherited metabolic diseases caused by the absence or malfunctioning of certain enzymes needed to break down molecules called motor neuron diseases.
Definition Meralgia Paresthetica:
Dictionary Paresthetica - is a disorder characterized by tingling, numbness, and burning pain in the outer side of the thigh. The disorder is caused by compression of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve as it motor neuron diseases.
Definition Myopathy:
Dictionary myopathies are neuromuscular disorders in which the primary symptom is muscle weakness due to dysfunction of muscle fiber. Other symptoms of myopathy can include include muscle cramps, stiffness, and motor neuron diseases.
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What is motor neuron diseases definition.

Definition of Diseases Neuron Motor treatment.

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