What is syndrome fher miller define definition
Definition of Miller Fisher Syndrome symptoms: that is considered to be a variant of Guillain-Barre.


Miller Fisher Syndrome definition

What MILLER FISHER SYNDROME means: Miller Fisher Syndrome - is a rare, acquired nerve disease that is considered to be a variant of Guillain-Barre syndrome. It is characterized by abnormal muscle coordination, paralysis of the eye muscles, and absence of the tendon reflexes. Like Guillain-Barre syndrome, symptoms may be preceded by a viral illness. Additional symptoms include generalized muscle weakness and respiratory failure. The majority of individuals with Miller Fisher syndrome have a unique antibody that characterizes the disorder.

Definition Multiple Mechanizm Atrophy:
Dictionary Atrophy - with orthostatic hypotension is the current classification for a neurological disorder that was once called Shy-Drager syndrome. A progressive disorder of the central and autonomic nervous miller fisher syndrome.
Definition Mitochondrial Myopathies:
Dictionary Myopathies - are a group of neuromuscular diseases caused by damage to the mitochondria-small, energy-producing structures that serve as the cells' "power plants." Nerve cells in the miller fisher syndrome.
Definition Myasthenia Gravis:
Dictionary is a chronic autoimmune neuromuscular disease characterized by varying degrees of weakness of the skeletal (voluntary) muscles of the body. The name myasthenia gravis, which is Latin and Greek in miller fisher syndrome.
Definition Macrencephaly:
Dictionary also called macrencephaly, is a condition in which an infant or child has an abnormally large, heavy, and usually malfunctioning brain. By definition, the brain weight is greater than average for the miller fisher syndrome.
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