What is holoprosencephaly define definition
Definition of Holoprosencephaly symptoms: a disorder characterized by the failure of the.


Holoprosencephaly definition

What HOLOPROSENCEPHALY means: Holoprosencephaly - is a type of cephalic disorder. This is a disorder characterized by the failure of the prosencephalon (the forebrain of the embryo) to develop. During normal development the forebrain is formed and the face begins to develop in the fifth and sixth weeks of human pregnancy.

Definition Hydromyelia:
Dictionary refers to an abnormal widening of the central canal of the spinal cord that creates a cavity in which cerebrospinal fluid (commonly known as spinal fluid) can accumulate. As spinal fluid builds up holoprosencephaly.
Definition Herpes Zoster:
Dictionary Shingles (herpes zoster) is an outbreak of rash or blisters on the skin that is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox - the varicella-zoster virus. The first sign of shingles is often holoprosencephaly.
Definition Hughes Syndrome:
Dictionary Antiphospholipid syndrome (APS or APLS) or antiphospholipid antibody syndrome is a disorder of coagulation, which causes blood clots (thrombosis) in both arteries and veins, as well as pregnancy holoprosencephaly.
Definition Hereditary Neuropathies:
Dictionary Neuropathies - Hereditary neuropathies are a group of inherited disorders of the peripheral nervous system. Within the group there are 4 subcategories of disorders, including hereditary motor and holoprosencephaly.
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What is holoprosencephaly definition.

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