What is tremor essential define definition
Definition of Essential Tremor symptoms: shakes) occur in a person who is moving or trying to move.


Essential Tremor definition

What ESSENTIAL TREMOR means: Essential Tremor - is a nerve disorder in which tremors (shakes) occur in a person who is moving or trying to move and no cause can be identified. Essential tremor is a relatively benign condition, affecting movement or voice quality, but with no other effects.

Definition Encephalopathy:
Dictionary a syndrome observed in patients with cirrhosis. Hepatic encephalopathy is defined as a spectrum of neuropsychiatric abnormalities in patients with liver dysfunction, after exclusion of other known essential tremor.
Definition Encephalitis Lethargica:
Dictionary Lethargica - (EL) or von Economo disease is an atypical form of encephalitis. Also known as sleeping sickness (though different from the sleeping sickness transmitted by the tsetse fly), EL is a essential tremor.
Definition Extrapontine Myelinolysis:
Dictionary Myelinolysis - (CPM) is a neurological disorder that most frequently occurs after too rapid medical correction of sodium deficiency (hyponatremia). The rapid rise in sodium concentration is essential tremor.
Definition Encephaloceles:
Dictionary are rare neural tube defects characterized by sac-like protrusions of the brain and the membranes that cover it through openings in the skull. These defects are caused by failure of the neural tube essential tremor.
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