What is myoclonica cerebellar definition
Definition of Dyssynergia Cerebellaris Myoclonica symptoms: collection of rare, degenerative.


Dyssynergia Cerebellaris Myoclonica definition

What DYSSYNERGIA CEREBELLARIS MYOCLONICA means: Dyssynergia Cerebellaris Myoclonica - refers to a collection of rare, degenerative, neurological disorders characterized by epilepsy, cognitive impairment, myoclonus, and progressive ataxia. Symptoms include seizures, tremor, and reduced muscle coordination. Onset of the disorder generally occurs in early adulthood. Tremor may begin in one extremity and later spread to involve the entire voluntary muscular system. Arms are usually more affected than legs. Some of the cases are due to mitochondrial abnormalities.

Definition Dandy-Walker Syndrome:
Dictionary Syndrome - (DWS), or Dandy-Walker complex, is a congenital brain malformation involving the cerebellum and the fluid filled spaces around it. The Dandy-Walker complex is a genetically sporadic dyssynergia cerebellaris myoclonica.
Definition Dysphagia:
Dictionary Swallowing disorders - defined as difficulty in passing food or liquid from the mouth to the stomach - occur in all age groups, but especially in the elderly. The disorders can occur at any stage of dyssynergia cerebellaris myoclonica.
Definition Dyslexia:
Dictionary specific learning disability that manifests primarily as a difficulty with written language, particularly with reading and spelling. It is separate and distinct from reading difficulties resulting dyssynergia cerebellaris myoclonica.
Definition Dawson Disease:
Dictionary Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) is a chronic persistent infection of the central nervous system caused by an altered form of the measles virus. It affects primarily children and young dyssynergia cerebellaris myoclonica.
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Meaning of Myoclonica Cerebellaris Dyssynergia treatment


What is dyssynergia cerebellaris myoclonica definition.

Definition of Myoclonica Cerebellaris Dyssynergia treatment.

How to cure Dyssynergia Cerebellaris Myoclonica disease.