What is aneurysm define definition
Definition of Aneurysm symptoms: filled dilation of a blood vessel caused by disease or weakening.


Aneurysm definition

What ANEURYSM means: Aneurysm - An aneurysm (or anneurism) is a localized, blood-filled dilation of a blood vessel caused by disease or weakening of the vessel wall. Aneurysms most commonly occur in arteries at the base of the brain and in the aorta (the main artery coming out of the heart). The bulge in a blood vessel can burst and lead to death at any time. The larger an aneurysm becomes, the more likely it is to burst. Aneurysms can usually be treated.

Definition Aicardi Syndrome:
Dictionary is a rare genetic disorder. Aicardi syndrome is characterized by the following: Absence of the corpus callosum, either partial or complete (the corpus callosum is the part of the brain which sits aneurysm.
Definition Anencephaly:
Dictionary condition present at birth that affects the formation of the brain and skull bones surrounding the head. Often, the brain lacks part or all of the cerebrum. There is no bony covering over the back of aneurysm.
Definition Aphasia:
Dictionary aphemia) is a loss of the ability to produce and/or comprehend language, due to injury to brain areas specialized for these functions. It is not a result of deficits in sensory, intellect, or aneurysm.
Definition Atrial Fibrillation And Stroke:
Dictionary and Stroke - Atrial fibrillation is a rapid uncoordinated generation of electrical impulses by the atria of the heart. The most serious side effect of atrial fibrillation is stroke. Half of all aneurysm.
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