What is lting directory wide definition
How to use wide directory listing - definition: file names. Obtained by using the /W switch with.



What is WIDE DIRECTORY LISTING: An alternate output format that lists multiple columns of file names. Obtained by using the /W switch with the DIR command.

Definition Warning Box:
Dictionary A rectangular window that warns you of an input error (such as an incorrect password) or a potentially dangerous consequence of a requested operation wide directory listing definition.
Definition Warm Booting:
Dictionary Resetting the computer without turning it off, by using the Ctrl- Alt-Del key combination. See bootstrapping wide directory listing explain.
Definition Wrapping Around:
Dictionary the down arrow key at the end of a list to move the selection cursor to the top of the list, as if the two ends of the list were attached to each other. With text editing, moving to the next wide directory listing what is.
Definition Wild Cards:
Dictionary Characters used to represent any other characters. In DOS,* and? are the only wild-card symbols wide directory listing meaning.

How works wide directory listing meaning in Dictionary W .

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