What is mode standard definition
How to use standard mode - definition: two being real mode and 386 enhanced mode. Standard mode is.


Standard Mode definition

What is STANDARD MODE: One of three modes in which Windows 3 can run, the other two being real mode and 386 enhanced mode. Standard mode is the normal operating mode for Windows, and requires an 80286 or 80386 machine with at least 1Mb of memory.

Definition Secondary Command Processor:
Dictionary A second copy of COMMAND-.COM, invoked either to run a batch file or to provide a new text for subsequent DOS commands standard mode.
Definition Scrolling:
Dictionary Rolling additional lines of text onto the screen, while rolling lines from the other side of the screen out of view standard mode.
Definition Subdirectory:
Dictionary A directory contained within another directory or subdirectory. Technically, all directories other than the root directory are subdirectories standard mode.
Definition Stop Bit:
Dictionary In asynchronous communications, the bit sent after the data bits to indicate that no more data bits follow. Compare to start bit standard mode.

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