What is communications serial definition
How to use serial communications - definition: processed one bit at a time. Compare to parallel.


Serial Communications definition

What is SERIAL COMMUNICATIONS: Data transmission in which data is transferred and processed one bit at a time. Compare to parallel communications.

Definition Subdirectory:
Dictionary A directory contained within another directory or subdirectory. Technically, all directories other than the root directory are subdirectories serial communications.
Definition Switch:
Dictionary A parameter included in DOS commands, usually preceded by the slash(/) symbol, which clarifies or modifies the action of the command serial communications.
Definition Synchronization:
Dictionary The coordination of a sending and receiving device, so that both simultaneously send and receive data at the same rate serial communications.
Definition Synchronous Communications:
Dictionary communicating via modem whereby the data that is sent is transmitted at regularly spaced intervals without the use of start and stop bits to frame each packet of information. See also asynchronous serial communications.

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