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How to use ROM - definition: read from. This contains a small portion of the basic computer.


ROM definition

What is ROM: Read-Only Memory. The section of memory that you can only read from. This contains a small portion of the basic computer operating system, as well as certain hardware-support routines.

Definition Root Directory:
Dictionary The first directory on any disk or drive rom definition.
Definition Reverse Film:
Dictionary The effect of reversing the foreground and background colors for certain characters on screen in order to make then noticeable rom explain.
Definition Read-After-Write Verification:
Dictionary validity checking, invoked with the VERIFY command or the /V switch in conjunction with COPY, DISKCOPY, or XCOPY. It rereads data after writing it to disk, comparing the written data to the original rom what is.
Definition Resource Allocation:
Dictionary Making system facilities available to individual users or programs rom meaning.

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