What is allocation resource definition
How to use resource allocation - definition: Making system facilities available to individual users.


Resource Allocation definition

What is RESOURCE ALLOCATION: Making system facilities available to individual users or programs.

Definition Redirection:
Dictionary The process of causing output from one program or device to be routed to another program or device resource allocation.
Definition Real Mode:
Dictionary operating modes for Windows 3, the other two being standard mode and 386 enhanced mode. Real mode is the only mode in which a computer with less than 1Mb of memory can run Windows. Real mode also resource allocation.
Definition REM Statement:
Dictionary A line of text in a QuickBASIC program, a CONFIG.SYS file, or a batch file, which contains remarks or comments for program explanation or clarification. REM statements are not executed resource allocation.
Definition Resident Command:
Dictionary A command located in random-access memory resource allocation.

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