What is status only read definition
How to use read-only status - definition: A file with this status cannot be updated but can be read.



What is READ-ONLY STATUS: A file with this status cannot be updated but can be read.

Definition Resource Allocation:
Dictionary Making system facilities available to individual users or programs read-only status definition.
Definition Real Mode:
Dictionary operating modes for Windows 3, the other two being standard mode and 386 enhanced mode. Real mode is the only mode in which a computer with less than 1Mb of memory can run Windows. Real mode also read-only status explain.
Definition Reserved Memory:
Dictionary normally used only for video buffers. DOS can use it with appropriate system configuration for device drivers, memory-resident programs (TSRs), and ordinary application programs. Reserved memory is read-only status what is.
Definition RAM Disk:
Dictionary An area of RAM that acts as if it were a disk drive. All data in this area of memory is lost when the computer is turned off or warm booted. It is also known as a virtual disk read-only status meaning.

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