What is program startup command definition
How to use program startup command (PSC) - definition: Commands field of DOS's Add or Change.


Program Startup Command (Psc) definition

What is PROGRAM STARTUP COMMAND (PSC): Any DOS command (except GOTO) that is included in the Commands field of DOS's Add or Change Program dialog boxes. It may also include an option string enclosed in brackets.

Definition Portrait Orientation:
Dictionary The usual vertical orientation of printer output, with the long side held vertically. The opposite of landscape orientation program startup command (psc).
Definition Platter:
Dictionary The rigid disk used in a hard-disk drive program startup command (psc).
Definition Primary DOS Partition:
Dictionary The first, logically named disk portion of a hard disk. Contains the boot record and other DOS information files program startup command (psc).
Definition Plotter:
Dictionary A device with a mechanical arm that draws data on paper program startup command (psc).

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