What is orientation portrait definition
How to use portrait orientation - definition: long side held vertically. The opposite of landscape.


Portrait Orientation definition

What is PORTRAIT ORIENTATION: The usual vertical orientation of printer output, with the long side held vertically. The opposite of landscape orientation.

Definition PoczÄ…tek Bit:
Dictionary The bit sent at the beginning of a data stream to indicate that data bits follow in asynchronous communications. Compare to stop bit portrait orientation.
Definition Pixel:
Dictionary The smallest unit of display on a video monitor-in short, a dot-which can be illuminated to create text or graphics images portrait orientation.
Definition Protected Mode:
Dictionary The principal hardware facility of 80286, 80386, and 80486 processor chips that support multitasking, process protection, and advanced memory management portrait orientation.
Definition Password:
Dictionary A sequence of characters that allows entry into a restricted system or program portrait orientation.

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