What is mouse definition
How to use mouse - definition: held apparatus moved along a surface such as a desk. The computer.


Mouse definition

What is MOUSE: A device that moves the screen cursor by means of a hand-held apparatus moved along a surface such as a desk. The computer can tell how far and in which direction the mouse is being moved.

Definition Memory-Resident:
Dictionary Located in physical memory, as opposed to being stored in a disk file mouse.
Definition Modem:
Dictionary A device that transmits digital data in tones over a phone line and allows computers to exchange information mouse.
Definition Monitor:
Dictionary The device used to display images; a display screen. Also known by the abbreviation VDT (for video display terminal) or CRT (for cathode ray tube mouse.
Definition Mechanizm Attribute:
Dictionary A bit in a file specification used to indicate whether the file in question contains special system information mouse.

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