What is testing logical definition
How to use logical testing - definition: See decision making. Describe Testing Logical help.


Logical Testing definition

What is LOGICAL TESTING: See decision making.

Definition Logical Drives:
Dictionary Disk drives, created in an extended DOS partition, that do not physically exist, but DOS thinks they do logical testing.
Definition Laser Printer:
Dictionary A printer that produces images (pictures or text) by shining a laser on a photo static drum, which picks up toner and then transfers the image to paper logical testing.
Definition Line Editor:
Dictionary A program that can make textual changes to an ASCII file, but can only make changes to one line of the file at a time logical testing.
Definition Lockup:
Dictionary Term used for the condition when the computer will not accept any input and may have stopped processing. It must be warm or cold booted to resume operating logical testing.

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