What is editor line definition
How to use line editor - definition: but can only make changes to one line of the file at a time.


Line Editor definition

What is LINE EDITOR: A program that can make textual changes to an ASCII file, but can only make changes to one line of the file at a time.

Definition Landscape Orientation:
Dictionary The opposite of the usual vertical (or portrait) orientation for a printed page. With landscape orientation, the information is read by holding the long edge of the page horizontally line editor.
Definition Look-Ahead Buffers:
Dictionary buffers used by DOS to read successively positioned disk sectors before those sectors are actually referenced by a program or command, thereby improving performance. They are created by the BUFFERS line editor.
Definition LCD:
Dictionary Liquid Crystal Display. A method of producing an image using electrically sensitive crystals suspended in a liquid medium line editor.
Definition Line Feed:
Dictionary When the cursor on a screen moves to the next line, or when the printer moves the paper down to the next line line editor.

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