What is printer laser definition
How to use laser printer - definition: shining a laser on a photo static drum, which picks up toner.


LASER PRINTER definition

What is LASER PRINTER: A printer that produces images (pictures or text) by shining a laser on a photo static drum, which picks up toner and then transfers the image to paper.

Definition Line Feed:
Dictionary When the cursor on a screen moves to the next line, or when the printer moves the paper down to the next line laser printer definition.
Definition Letter-Quality Printer:
Dictionary A printer that forms characters that are comparable to those of a typewriter laser printer explain.
Definition Literal:
Dictionary Something that is accepted exactly as it was submitted laser printer what is.
Definition Look-Ahead Buffers:
Dictionary buffers used by DOS to read successively positioned disk sectors before those sectors are actually referenced by a program or command, thereby improving performance. They are created by the BUFFERS laser printer meaning.

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