What is orientation landscape definition
How to use landscape orientation - definition: orientation for a printed page. With landscape.


Landscape Orientation definition

What is LANDSCAPE ORIENTATION: The opposite of the usual vertical (or portrait) orientation for a printed page. With landscape orientation, the information is read by holding the long edge of the page horizontally.

Definition Log File:
Dictionary A separate file, created with the BACKUP command, that keeps track of the names of all files written to the backup diskette(s landscape orientation.
Definition Logical Drives:
Dictionary Disk drives, created in an extended DOS partition, that do not physically exist, but DOS thinks they do landscape orientation.
Definition Logging On:
Dictionary Signing on to a remote system, such as a mainframe or telecommunications service. b> logical b> Something that is defined based on a decision, not by physical properties landscape orientation.
Definition Lockup:
Dictionary Term used for the condition when the computer will not accept any input and may have stopped processing. It must be warm or cold booted to resume operating landscape orientation.

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