What is fragmentation definition
How to use fragmentation - definition: A condition in which many different files have been stored.


Fragmentation definition

What is FRAGMENTATION: A condition in which many different files have been stored in noncontiguous sectors on a disk.

Definition Function Keys:
Dictionary Special-purpose keys on a keyboard, which can be assigned unique tasks by the operating system or by application programs fragmentation.
Definition Flow Of Control:
Dictionary The order of execution of batch-file commands; how the control flows from one command to another, even when the next command to be executed is not located sequentially in the file fragmentation.
Definition Floppy Diskette:
Dictionary See diskette fragmentation.
Definition Foreground Task:
Dictionary The main program running on your computer, as opposed to the less visible background task (usually a printing job). Also, the currently switched-to task, when you have activated the Task Swapper fragmentation.

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