What is slots expansion definition
How to use expansion slots - definition: placed so that they tie in directly to the system.



What is EXPANSION SLOTS: Connectors inside the computer in which expansion cards are placed so that they tie in directly to the system.

Definition External Command:
Dictionary A command whose procedures are read from the disk into memory, executed from memory, and then erased from memory when finished expansion slots definition.
Definition Expanded Memory (EMS):
Dictionary memory, designed to work above one megabyte and conform to the industry standard LIM-EMS (Lotus-Intel-Microsoft Expanded Memory Specification). Can be emulated in extended memory with DOS 5's expansion slots explain.
Definition External Buffer:
Dictionary A device, connected to the computer and another device, that acts as a buffer expansion slots what is.
Definition EDLIN:
Dictionary A simple line editor included with DOS expansion slots meaning.

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